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List Monetization

Do you have a Database at your disposal? Are you looking for the best way of generating revenues out of it? You landed in the perfect place: at Sparkling we are highly specialized in monetizing any kind of advertising space in order to enhance the ROI in the quickest, most efficient and transparent way possible. Don’t worry: Sparkling will take care of the entire process, from the initial organizational and planning operations to the management procedures. DO YOU HAVE AN EMAIL LIST AND WANT TO GET REVENUE? WRITE US

Affiliation Program

Are you willing to significantly increase your online exposure? Thanks to our consolidated affiliation network you have the chance to spread your mail, display and mobile campaigns worldwide. We work on different remuneration schemes: CPL / CPC / C2L / CPM / CPA. Sparkling Adv can offer tailored solutions in order to help you improve your advertising performances and conversions..



Marketing Strategy

Would you like to improve your e-marketing strategy? At Sparkling, we implement the best marketing solutions through all the available channels (Mail, Display, Mobile, SEM, SEO, Sponsoring, Co-registration) in order to make your advertising communication the most efficient possible. We can take care of the entire process: from the initial graphic design to the development of the related website and landing page. JOIN US

Amazon Booster

How to Quickly Create A Highly Profitable Business Selling On Amazon? Thanks to our consolidated affiliation network you have the chance to spread your Amazon store in the strongest countries of Europe. We are Amazon's biggest source of Email traffic in Europe and we generate more than 1M Uinque Visitors / Month for Amazon.



JUST REAL VERIFY Data Cleaning Tool

Would you like to verify your email list? With JUST REAL VERIFY you can validate your emails and confornt them with the largest Spamtraps and Black Lists. We have the lowest prices in the market and the most efficient technology. SEE MORE DETAILS - NO STRINGS ATTACHED

Not the usual agency

We are specialized in SALES and generating ADDITIONAL REVENUES for our Clients.




Established in February 2016, Sparkling Media Group has been continuously growing in revenue and clients ever since. We are dedicated to bringing you the most innovative affiliate tools with the highest level of support. Innovation, quality and ethics are the principles we were founded on. We run only the top-converting campaigns on email, desktop and mobile traffic worldwide.

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